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  • PTTG: Announcing a new teaching grant

    Oct 10, 2019

    The Presidential Transformational Teaching Grant (PTTG) is the newest initiative within the President’s Excellence Fund. PTTG is intended to promote faculty creativity in the pursuit of teaching excellence.

About PTTG

Part of the President's Excellence Fund

The Presidential Transformational Teaching Grant (PTTG) program is a seed-grant program that is part of the Presidential Excellence Fund designed to further Texas A&M University's commitments to the three pillars of advancing transformational learning; enhancing discovery, promoting/encouraging innovation and expanding impact on our community, state, nation, and world.

Creativity and Teaching Excellence

PTTG promotes faculty creativity in the pursuit of teaching excellence. Faculty develop teaching and learning components with emphasis on either innovation and creativity; interdisciplinarity; diversity, equity and inclusion; or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). The primary intent is to facilitate innovations within existing courses or learning experiences. PTTG will fund 30 two-year projects per year: to include 20 projects by individual faculty at $20,000 and 10 team projects for $60,000 each.

How it Works

Utilizing a web-based interface, proposals are posted for all faculty to review. Full-time Texas A&M University faculty submit either individual or team proposals. Individual proposals are submitted by a single eligible faculty member. Team proposals must include at least two faculty from distinct disciplines. In most cases, this will involve separate academic units. In all cases, the team proposal must describe the interdisciplinary emphasis associated with the plan. Academic Professional Track (APT) faculty are especially encouraged to apply. The proposed projects are for two years, during which time funded PTTG investigators are not eligible to apply for another PTTG.