Submit Final Proposals

Submission of all information should be done through or by clicking the login button above.

Goal: Invited Teams Develop Full Proposals

Action: Add team members, develop public presentations, and develop and submit full proposal.

Update Full Proposal Name: The title should not exceed 200 characters. Use an Up Style (capitalize first and last words in the title and all “major” words in between).

Add team members and Update Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members (if applicable): Update description of each team members’ roles and responsibilities. To add members, provide the UINs, designate their type (co-lead [if applicable] or member), and the role of each individual (including the expertise from each individual’s discipline). The team member’s information will automatically be populated (team member’s name, title, department, college, and email address). Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Contact Only roles can edit all members (change them to any other role). Members can only view. To edit the role of members, click EDIT, select NEW ROLE, click SAVE. If the person being updated is going to be the new Leader, the current Leader is moved to Co-Leader. If the current Leader does not want to be a Co-Leader, they can then update themselves to Contact Only.

Full Proposal Project Description: (Save as PDF and Upload.)

    • Guidelines: Should not exceed ten pages (excluding the references cited) when printed on 8.5 X 11 inch paper, with a minimum text font size of no smaller than 11 point Times New Roman. Margins should be no smaller than a half an inch on all sides. Any figures, if included, must fit within the ten-page limit.
    • Qualifications of grant: A description (for smaller scale and dollar amount grants) detailing how the project qualifies for a grant.
    • Statement of significance and potential impact (written for a non-specialist audience):
      • State the significance of the proposed work, its relation to larger problems/challenges facing our world and within the context of prior work in this area and the potential impact of the project results.
      • For smaller scale and dollar amount grants, state the expected outcomes and describe the next steps after X-Grants project completion.
      • For larger scale collaborative research grants, state the expected outcomes, including dissemination and publication goals. Also describe the long-term plan after X-Grants project completion, including targeted external opportunities and how the team plans to continue and sustain its collaboration after the internal funding is spent.
      • Provide an explanation of how the proposed work will advance Texas A&M’s national prominence in this area.
    • Research Plan:
      • State the grant’s research objective(s)
      • Describe the intellectual contributions that make this an interdisciplinary approach.
      • Describe the research methods and approaches that will be used to achieve the goals and provide a work plan to achieve the research objectives.
    • Interdisciplinary Team Profile:
      • Describe any prior work of team members related to this topic and its outcomes.
      • Describe all previous collaborations of team members with each other over the past five years, including funding publications, disclosures, etc.
    • Cited References: (Upload on template provided at end of the ten-page Project Description. This page is not included in your ten-page limit.)
    • Save your Project Description as a PDF and upload. You must upload your Project Description as a PDF.

Budget: (Save template as PDF and Upload)

Revise or add Team Member Bios: (Save template as a PDF and Upload)

      • All members must upload a two-page PDF bio/CV. Scroll down to the Members List to upload your file. Upload a bio for each team member individually. Bios/CVs must contain:
      • Highest degree earned, discipline, and name of institution awarding the degree.
      • Professional positions/appointments held and institutional affiliations (listed in reverse chronological order).
      • Up to five products most closely related to the proposed project and up to five other significant products. Acceptable products must be citable and accessible, including but not limited to, publications, data sets, software, patents, and copyrights. Full citation information should include names of all authors, date of publication or release title, title of work such as journal or book, volume, issue, pages, website, and URL or other persistent identifier.
      • Up to five significant invited lectures.
      • Up to five significant grants and role on grants. Please include dates of grants.
      • Honors and/or research impact measures.

Save your Full Proposal information by clicking the Save button. Once you have finalized the information, save as a PDF and upload.

Evaluation Criteria (100 points total)
• Feasibility of proposed research plan 0-20 points
• Significance of proposed research 0-25 points
• Potential impact of proposed research; impact goes beyond potential to obtain external funding and includes any scholarly activity or outcome which advances A&M’s national and international prominence 0-30 points
• Appropriate scope of interdisciplinary team (leverages unique strengths/capabilities at Texas A&M) and addresses not only technical aspects of the proposal but also any social/behavioral ones 0-25 points

X-Grants Budget Guidelines


  • Must be paid employees (faculty or staff) at Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University-Galveston, Texas A&M University-Qatar, TEES, TEEX, AgriLife Research, AgriLife Extension, or TTI; or students at Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University-Galveston, or Texas A&M University-Qatar.
  • Faculty – Only summer salary allowed with a maximum of one month/year. Must include salary and fringe. Total faculty salaries must not exceed 15% of total budget. Faculty on 10, 11, or 12-months appointments cannot receive salary from X-Grants funds. The same guidelines will apply to HSC faculty converting from 12 months appointments in FY19 or later.
  • Graduate assistants – must include tuition, fees, and fringe.
  • Staff and students – must include salary and fringe.

Travel and Other:

  • Domestic travel allowed and must follow state travel guidelines. Only a limited amount of international travel funds are available.
  • No food/beverages or business meals expenses are allowed.


  • Must provide strong justification for individual equipment exceeding $10,000.


  • No subcontracts will be allowed

Cost Sharing:

  • Committed cost sharing to an external sponsor is the only cost sharing that must be tracked. Since this is an internal grant, cost sharing will not be tracked and should not be included on budgets.

Award Limits:

  • Smaller scale and dollar amount grant awards should not exceed a total of $325,000 and two years duration.
  • Larger scale and funding scope awards should not exceed a total of $1,500,000 and three years duration.